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Saturday, Sept 17,2016
Classes by Norm Davis & Zane Beg
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Fun Fabric Flowers
8:30am to 11am
(2-1/2 Hour Class)
Price -$100
Sweet Shapestm
11:30am to 2:30pm
(3 Hour Class)
Price - $180
Quick Faces in
3pm to 5:30pm
(2-1/2 Hour Class)
Price - $110
6pm to 8:30pm
(2-1/2 Hour Class)
Price - $125
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Refund Policy

Requests for all refunds must be made in writing, and Postmarked (or received by email, in the case of on-line
registration) no later than Wednesday, Sept.10, 2016

Teachers make their travel plans and arrange for equipment and supplies, based on the number of student
reservations. This is also our only way to know when a class has filled.
Therefore, we reserve the right to deny any refund request that occurs after the above deadline.
Each request will be individually reviewed. On-line registrations will be refunded on-line, through Paypal™

Refunds from Mail-in Registrations will be made after the event is over.
Filled Classes and Waiting Lists

Classes will be filled on a “First Come” basis. Registrations from ICES members, when received along with any other
registrations, will be given first preference to fill remaining seats in a nearly-full class.
When all seats are taken, remaining registrations will be put on a waiting list, in the order received, to be given a
spot in the event of another student’s cancellation.

If a teacher cancels a class due to unforeseen reasons, registrations for that class will be refunded
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On-line Registration for Ohio ICES Classes

Spring Class - Saturday, April, 2017
Crowne Plaza North Hotel
6500 Doubletree Rd.
Columbus, OH
Please fill out and submit a separate form for each person registering
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No registration is complete until payment has been received.
We use PayPal™ to accept a variety of on-line payment options, including credit cards.
Please note: There is a $2 per class transaction fee for the use of the PayPal™ service. It will be indicated on the

The use of credit cards, debit cards and electronic transfer methods are NOT available with
Mail-in or On-site registrations.

If you have questions regarding this form or PayPal™ please
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before you proceed.

Sorry...Early bird pricing ended on Saturday,